What Is The Best Sports For A Tall Person?

Towering over the competition certainly seems like an advantage in sports. But which athletic pursuits truly reward gifted height? While being a bigger and longer athlete does not guarantee excelling in a sport, it sets up biomechanical advantages that can be leveraged. 

Sports like basketball and volleyball are obvious choices where height impacts everything from shooting and blocking to rebounding and spiking. But there are more discrete ways stature benefits sports performance across swimming, tennis, boxing, and other athletics. In this blog post, we analyze the 11 best sports for a tall person

We explore sports where tall athletes thrive competitively at the highest levels, plus detail the mechanics of how height translates to performance advantages. No matter if you are 6 foot 5 or 7 foot. This blog will guide you about the best sports for a tall person. While no athlete succeeds on size alone, choosing a sport tailored for the taller body unlocks that innate potential and sets the stage for skill mastery.

Top 11 Sports For Tall Person


Basketball is a great sport for tall people, as height is advantageous for several aspects of the game. Being tall allows you to more easily shoot over opponents to score baskets. It also helps in rebounding, blocking shots, and stealing passes. Basketball favors versatility too, with taller players able to play multiple positions from point guard to center based on their skill set. Many of the most dominant basketball superstars like Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Shaquille O’Neal leveraged their height to overpower opponents.


Volleyball is another sport where tall players can excel. Height helps significantly for blocking at the net to deny opponents’ spikes. It also allows you to more easily spike the ball over the net yourself past would-be blockers. Volleyball does require coordination and agility, but tall players have an inherent advantage if they can develop the necessary ball control skills to go along with their stature.

Sports For Tall Person


Rowing races favor those able to generate maximum power and leverage with each stroke. Being tall provides longer limbs and a higher stroke length, allowing you to displace more water with each pull. The extra reach helps you fully utilize your strength for efficient and rapid rowing. Proper technique is still crucial, but height combined with training gives you the tools to gain an edge over shorter rowers.


A tall swimmer gains advantages in the pool based on their large wingspan, bigger hands/feet, and a long torso. The wingspan generates more pull and push power with each stroke. Bigger extremities also allow taller swimmers to displace more water. The elongated torso helps with body position, rotation, and streamlining through the water. With practice, being tall can equate to stronger propulsion and faster times in the lane.

High Jump

The mechanics of the high jump are tailored perfectly for leveraging height. Tall high jumpers have less distance to clear when jumping over the bar. Their higher center of gravity also aids in flipping upside down and arching the back over the bar. Long limbs assist when approaching and leaping as well. Being tall alone won’t make you an Olympic medalist, but it sets up favorable biomechanics.


A tall tennis player gains an advantage due to their higher contact point on serve and when striking groundstrokes. The higher ball strike allows them to hit harder serves and sharper angles on returns. It also helps defend against low shots and to reach drop shots. Height combined with footwork and racket skills enables stronger offensive and defensive capabilities on the court.

Sports For Tall Person


Several key positions in football like quarterback, receiver, and lineman reward height. Quarterbacks benefit from seeing over the defense for passing lanes. Tall receivers present larger catch radiuses in traffic. Linemen leverage their stature to block and defend against rushers. Height by itself won’t make you a star, but it opens doors if you have the speed, strength, and skills too.


A taller boxer gains an edge in reach – allowing them to land shots from a distance while avoiding counterpunches. Having long arms enables more versatility in the types of jabs, hooks, and uppercuts you can unleash. The added height also frequently correlates to having bigger hands for punching power. Leveraging height as a boxer does require the skill to use your reach while maintaining defense.


Height is a prized asset in rugby for fending off tacklers and rising high for kicks. Being tall and sturdy also benefits playing lock during lineouts to win possession. Forwards and second-row players often utilize height advantages when running the ball and contesting for high kicks. Backs can also leverage their stature when chasing and fielding contested kicks.


Taller cricket players excel in multiple facets. Fast bowlers use their height to generate extra bounce and pace which is difficult for batsmen to handle. Being tall is beneficial for batsmen when driving strokes and defending their wicket too. Fielders minimize boundary runs with a large catch radius and reach-stopping power hits. Height brings versatility across bowling, batting, and fielding.

Sports For Tall Person

Beach Volleyball

As with indoor volleyball, height is a prized asset in beach volleyball for blocking and spiking. But on the sand, tall players gain further advantage. Long limbs allow you to more easily dive and extend for digs. Height helps you move quickly at the net to control your territory. Also, being tall aids jumping for high contested volleys. These benefits enable taller players to cover and defend the court better.


Height can be a significant asset across various sports. While skill development ultimately determines success, natural stature primes the biomechanics in your favor. Basketball, volleyball, swimming, rowing, and others exemplify sports where an extra few inches provide an inherent edge. If you have the height, focusing training on these sports unlocks more potential.

But just being tall is not enough – dedication to perfecting technique and fundamentals is still required to excel. With smart training and commitment, tall athletes can begin translating their natural gifts into winning performances. and get to work building the skills to dominate.

FAQs About Sports For A Tall Person

What basketball skill benefits most from height?

Shooting over defenders benefits most from height in basketball, as tall players can more easily get their shots off and score over opponents who have a harder time contesting.

How does being tall aid tennis players?

Tennis players use their height for a higher contact point on serves and groundstrokes, enabling them to hit stronger serves and aggressive returns from the elevated ball strike.

Why is rowing well-suited for tall athletes?

Rowing favors tall athletes because their longer limbs and torso generate more power and leverage with each stroke, efficiently displacing more water to propel the boat.

What aspect of swimming is enhanced by a taller body?

A taller swimmer’s expanded wingspan, hands and feet allow them to move more water with each stroke, providing greater propulsion through increased surface area.

How does height offer an advantage in boxing?

Height gives boxers an advantage in reach, allowing them to land shots from a distance while avoiding counter punches, with long arms providing versatility.

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