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NASCAR, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, is one of America’s most popular spectator sports, drawing millions of fans to racetracks and TV screens every weekend. However some critics question whether driving a car around in circles constitutes a true “sport.” In this blog post, I’ll argue why NASCAR is a sport or fully deserves to be considered a sport, based on the immense skill and athleticism required to drive one of these machines. 

The drivers are incredible athletes who must withstand intense physical punishment and make split-second decisions at speeds over 200mph. Their pit crews display incredible technical skills under intense pressure. And the race strategists make complex calculated gambles that can make or break a race. Far from just “turning left,” NASCAR combines engineering, strategy, and white-knuckle action that thoroughly qualifies it as a major sport.

10 Reasons Why NASCAR is a Sport?

Extreme Driver Athleticism

NASCAR drivers endure intense physical punishment and exertion similar to pro football players. They have to withstand up to 3Gs of force while cornering. Their heart rates average a staggering 160 beats per minute for 3+ hours straight. In-car temperatures can exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit and they lose several pounds of body weight in sweat during a typical race. This extreme physical toll requires strength, cardiovascular endurance, and conditioning on par with any top-tier athlete.

Lightning Fast Reaction Times

Drivers are constantly reacting at the split-second level while traveling over 200 mph. They must make precision adjustments to steering, braking, and acceleration as situations demand. Their hand-eye coordination and mental focus have to be extraordinary just to maintain control. Processing information and reacting faster than seems humanly possible is a requirement at these dangerous speeds.

Why is NASCAR a sport

Constant Life-Threatening Danger

The extreme speeds mean danger lurks every single lap. Even tiny errors can easily cause massive crashes and serious injuries are common. Drivers accept the very real risks of catastrophic accidents that can cause injuries, disfigurement, or death. Racing week after week requires immense courage in the face of this constant threat.

Incredible Technical Car Control

Racing at 200mph+ requires absolute precision and smoothness behind the wheel. Subtle adjustments to steering, braking, and acceleration can mean the difference between control and catastrophe. Mastering a finicky 3,400-pound car at its absolute traction limit is an incredibly difficult technical skill that only the world’s best drivers fully achieve.

Athletic Precision Pit Crews

12-second pit stops require athletic precision and choreography from the crew as they change tires and refuel at lightning speed. There is zero margin for error at these speeds, so pit crew members must execute their technical roles flawlessly under intense pressure. Their coordinated athletic feats can make or break a race.

Intense Mental Concentration

Races often last over 3 grueling hours with no breaks. Drivers must maintain complete unwavering concentration at the absolute limit while processing information faster than normal. Their mental stamina and acuity under duress are astounding. Any loss of focus can easily result in a crash ending their day.

NASCAR a Sport

Complex Strategic Gambles

The strategists make huge gambles on when to pit, tire choices, and other strategic moves. This requires assessed risk-taking and bold split-second judgment calls. The strategists play high-stakes games every lap, calculating complex scenarios. Their key decisions regularly make or break the race.

Cutting Edge Engineering

Winning teams meticulously engineer their cars for peak speed, optimal handling, and efficiency. They push automotive science to its absolute limit in this technical arms race. Out-engineering the competition can provide a significant performance advantage. Every mechanical tweak is critical.

Massive Fanatic Fan Base

NASCAR has millions of passionate, loyal fans who follow every strategic nuance. They analyze all the technical details and statistics. The sport demands intricate knowledge and intense emotional investment from its followers. This massive dedicated fan base validates NASCAR’s popularity.

Fierce World-Class Competition

Winning in NASCAR requires outperforming top-tier rivals across every area – driving, pit crew skills, engineering, strategy, and execution. Under intense pressure, all components must be world-class and flawlessly precise. Beating the fierce competition is extremely hard fought.

NASCAR is a Sport


In summary, NASCAR undoubtedly deserves recognition as a true sport based on the immense world-class driving skills, athleticism, strategy, engineering, courage, and fan engagement required to succeed. The drivers, crews, and strategists must perform and execute at the absolute peak of human performance. Wins are hard-fought against fierce rivals across every dimension. When you consider the totality of talents needed, NASCAR meets any benchmark to be considered a major American sport.


Isn’t NASCAR just driving in circles?

Driving 200mph just inches from other cars requires immense skill and reflexes. The speeds and danger involved make it an incredible technical and athletic feat far beyond casual driving.

Don’t the cars do most of the work?

The drivers still have to control extreme machines at mind-bending speeds requiring tremendous skill and conditioning. The crews build and service the cars requiring immense engineering and coordination.

Isn’t it just a redneck pastime?

The engineering, athleticism, and skill involved are world-class. And it has millions of passionate fans across America and abroad. The stereotypes are inaccurate.

Isn’t it just luck who wins the race?

Victory requires flawless execution across engineering, driving, pit stops, and strategy. Any mistakes usually cost the race, so consistency and precision are paramount.

Why does NASCAR deserve so much popularity?

The combination of speed, danger, strategy, athletic feats, cutting-edge tech, and fierce competition makes for an incredible spectacle. The non-stop action thrills audiences which is why it has so many dedicated fans.

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