New Sports We Could See Debut at the 2024 Olympics in Paris

In 2024, the Summer Olympics will head to Paris for another edition of riveting competition between the world’s top athletes. With the IOC continually reviewing potential new sports, fans speculate about what events could make their Olympic debut in 2024.

Several emerging sports are vying for inclusion in Paris as they search for mainstream validation and exposure. The next host city can propose new sports which then undergo extensive evaluation before getting approval. Factors like youth appeal, gender balance, and global participation are considered.

The last Olympics in Tokyo 2020 welcomed four new competitions into the fold: skateboarding, surfing, karate, and sport climbing. Paris will look to continue adding youthful and modern sports to stay relevant. Read on for an overview of possible new events we could see premiere at the 2024 Olympics.

5 New Sports In 2024 Olympics


Breakdancing has been proposed by Paris organizers as a potential new Olympic event for 2024. The dynamic urban dance style debuted at the Youth Olympic Games in 2018 to a great reception. Its acrobatic headspins and freezes could bring greater youth appeal to the Summer Games.

As an artistic judged sport, breakdancing is quite different from anything currently in the Olympics. The freestyle dance battles would be an entirely new spectacle and test of athleticism and creativity. With its roots in hip-hop culture, competitive breakdancing’s inclusion would speak to the IOC’s goal of increased urbanization.



Squash is one of the fastest racket sports in the world requiring tremendous reflexes, mobility, and shot precision. It has campaigned for years to get into the Olympics after repeatedly being passed over. 2024 could finally be competitive squash’s chance for its debut.

Accepted internationally with over 20 million active players, Olympic squash would deliver riveting rallies and drama. Matches are fast-paced with elite players making dazzling gets to return supersonic shots along the walls. Points frequently produce jaw-dropping displays of athleticism.

Flag Football

Flag football continues gaining popularity worldwide as a safer alternative to tackle football. It could potentially fill an American football void at the Summer Olympics left by the removal of 7-on-7 tackle in the ‘90s. Both men’s and women’s divisions would cater to its growing gender balance.

Exciting plays in the open field combined with big passing touchdowns would give flag football widespread appeal. The reduced physical contact would be a better match for an Olympic setting compared to traditional 11-on-11 tackle football.

Roller Sports

Roller sports like skateboarding and BMX popped up in Tokyo 2020, but other disciplines like speed skating and artistic roller could make debuts in Paris. Events for quads and inline skates would showcase tremendous athleticism and agility.

The variety of roller competitions from technical street skating courses to ultra-fast track racing could attract summer viewers looking for more x-game style sports. This may also build anticipation for skateboarding’s return while showcasing roller sports diversity.

Roller Sports


Competitive ballroom dancing, often called dancesport, lobbies to get its own division at the 2024 Olympics. Paris’s classically European backdrop could provide the perfect stage for elegant dances like the waltz, tango, foxtrot, and quickstep to premiere.

Top Dancesport athletes display incredible postural strength, sync, and chemistry acquired through years of dedicated training. Olympic-level pairs and couples would captivate audiences with their sensational routines full of technical mastery.


The 2024 Paris Olympics will likely introduce several new sports to the program as the IOC appeals to youth demographics and tests out fresh competitive formats. Breakdancing, roller sports, squash, and flag football seem primed for possible inclusion. Along with providing entertainment, new events like these help carry the Olympic spirit into the future while engaging the next generation. We will know in 2024 if any of these emerging sports officially make their anticipated Olympic debuts in Paris.

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