The Rise of Mobile Esports |A Game-Changer in 2024

Mobile gaming has exploded in popularity in recent years. According to market research firm Newzoo, there were over 3.22 billion mobile gamers worldwide in 2024. The rise of the mobile esports user base has given rise to a new form of competitive gaming played on smartphones and tablets – mobile esports. With its accessibility and surging viewership, mobile esports is positioning itself to disrupt the gaming industry in 2024 and beyond.

The Growth of Mobile Gaming Sets the Stage

The mobile gaming market is expected to generate revenues of $136.9 billion in 2024, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of +7.7% between 2022 and 2023 according to Newzoo. Driving this growth is an engaged user base that spends significant time playing games on mobile devices. Per App, Annie’s 2022 mobile gaming report, users spend 30% more time in gaming apps compared to social media apps globally.

Several factors underpin the dominance of mobile gaming:

  • Convenience: Smartphones provide gaming on the go compared to PCs and consoles. Games can be played anytime, anywhere in short bursts.
  • Accessibility: Mobile games tend to be free-to-play or low-cost, allowing more users to participate. Downloads take seconds from app stores.
  • Advanced Mobile Technology: Phones now have sophisticated processors and graphics capabilities to support immersive games. 5G further enhances multiplayer and live streaming potential.

As mobile gaming became mainstream entertainment, it was prime for the rise of mobile esports.

The Rise of Mobile Esports

The Rise of Mobile Esports in 2024

Esports involves multiplayer video games played competitively by professional gamers and watched by spectators. The rise of mobile esports adapts this to smartphones and tablets. While still a nascent industry, every metric of mobile esports is surging:

  • Popular mobile esports titles include Call of Duty: Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Clash Royale, Arena of Valor, and more.
  • There are approximately 929 major mobile esports tournaments as of 2023. Total tournament prize money can exceed $2 million.
  • Over 857 professional teams from mobile esports now exist. Top players can earn hundreds of thousands in player salaries and endorsements.
  • Viewership numbers are also impressive. The 2022 PUBG Mobile Global Championship saw a peak daily viewership of over 3.8 million. The 2023 Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship saw 576K peak concurrent viewers on YouTube alone.

Large sponsors and advertisers like Samsung, Tencent, and Red Bull are taking notice of this passionate new audience segment. As engagement grows, mobile esports revenues could top $14 billion by 2025 per Goldman Sachs.

Key Growth Drivers for Mobile Esports

The Rise of Mobile Esports in 2024

Several factors are accelerating the rise of mobile esports:

Streamlined Gameplay

Many mobile esports titles are designed specifically for competitive multiplayer on mobile. Short 5-10 minute matches cater perfectly to smartphones for an action-packed experience. Intuitive touch controls and lag-free performance make mobile esports easily enjoyable.

Lower Barriers to Entry

Unlike PC or console gaming, no expensive equipment is required for mobile esports. Casual players can immediately get started on the smartphones they already own. This expands the pool of potential competitive gamers dramatically.

Community Building

As the rise of mobile esports grows, it cultivates a sense of community. Players engage across social media, streaming platforms, forums, and in-person events. Established franchises like Call of Duty leverage existing brand communities. This grassroots foundation helps the sport thrive.

Publisher Support

Mobile game developers are investing in tournaments and leagues to boost their titles. Tencent and Activision Blizzard now operate massive pro circuits for PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile respectively. Financial support and marketing from publishers help validate mobile esports.

Maturing Infrastructure

Specialized platforms are emerging to improve the mobile esports ecosystem. Dedicated tournament organizers like ESL and DreamHack host competitions optimized for mobile. Cloud gaming platforms like Xbox Cloud Gaming enable mobile gameplay at the swipe of a finger. And analytics companies provide data to assist training.

Key Mobile Esports Trends to Watch in 2024

Rise of Mobile Esports

Based on current momentum, several mobile esports developments are on the horizon for 2024:

Mobile-First Esports Franchises

New games designed ground-up for mobile competitive play will disrupt the market. Titles with built-in support for tournaments, spectating, and skill-based matchmaking have huge potential.

Regional Growth

While Asia currently dominates, untapped mobile esports opportunities exist in North America, Europe, and Latin America. Developers are localizing games and holding global tournaments to target these regions.

5G and Cloud Gaming

Faster 5G networks and cloud gaming services vastly improve multiplayer performance. This facilitates skill-based regional and cross-regional leagues to engage players.

Specialized Mobile Controllers

Controller accessories from Razer, GameSir, and others upgrade the gameplay experience. This brings mobile esports closer to consoles. However, controllers add cost so touch controls remain popular.

Live Streaming and VR

Watching gameplay and tournaments on Twitch and YouTube is key to viewer growth. VR support will also provide immersive spectating modes and bring fans closer to the action.

Collegiate Programs

College esports are expanding quickly. University teams competing in mobile esports leagues will boost amateur talent. Collegiate programs lay the foundation for future professional players.

Challenges Facing the Rise of Mobile Esports

While the opportunities seem immense for mobile esports, potential challenges exist as well:

  • Limited earnings potential: Top PC/console esports players can earn millions. However mobile esports prize pools and player salaries remain relatively small. This makes “going pro” less enticing.
  • Casual perception: Mobile gaming is still viewed as casual entertainment by many. Changing this perception and generating mass spectator interest requires time and effective messaging.
  • Complexity concerns: Game simplicity caters well to casual users, but depth is needed for sustained competitive play. Publishers must strike the right balance.
  • Inconsistent regulations: Governments still grapple with appropriately regulating professional esports. Uniform standards would provide stability for pro mobile gamers and legitimacy as a true sport.


Mobile esports represents a seismic shift in gaming as smartphones become a viable competitive platform. The sheer reach of mobile has primed the market for explosive growth in players, teams, tournaments, sponsors, and viewers. While PC/console esports lead for now, mobile is rapidly closing the gap and has several unique advantages.

As mobile esports infrastructure improves and awareness expands beyond Asia, 2024 could be the year mobile esports cements itself as a dominant force in the gaming industry worldwide. For both players and spectators, the future of competitive gaming may very well be in the palm of their hands.


What are some top mobile esports games?

Some of the most popular mobile esports games are Call of Duty: Mobile, Clash Royale, PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Wild Rift. These titles have large player bases and competitive scenes globally.

How much do professional mobile gamers make?

Top mobile esports athletes can make over $400,000 from multi-million dollar tournament prize pools and team salaries. However average earnings are much lower, likely under $20,000 currently. As the industry grows, player incomes are expected to rise.

Do mobile gamers use controllers?

Most mobile gamers use touchscreen controls, but handheld controllers are growing in popularity. Control pads like the Razer Kishi provide console-quality control and may eventually be adopted widely. But touch has some competitive advantages like screen visibility.

Can anyone become a professional mobile gamer?

In theory, anyone can become a pro mobile gamer with enough skill and dedication to rise through the ranks. But similar to other esports, teens tend to excel due to quick reaction times. Joining an amateur team is a good way to get started competing.

How is skill matched in mobile esports?

Developers use ranking and matchmaking systems to group players of similar skill levels. Ranks are earned through leagues, tournaments, and qualifications. This ensures a fair, competitive balance at both casual and professional levels.

How can I watch mobile esports tournaments?

Major mobile esports competitions are streamed live on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Gaming. The esports sections of these sites showcase upcoming tournament schedules. Viewership numbers continue to rise annually.

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