How to Secure Sponsors for Your Esports Team

Esports has exploded into a billion-dollar industry with huge audiences and lucrative pro gaming leagues worldwide. However, building a successful esports organization requires more than just skilled players. You need strategic brand sponsorships and partners to help fund travel, equipment, marketing, and other costs.

Sponsors for your esports Team provide vital revenue streams that allow esports teams to thrive and compete at the top level. Partnered brands also gain valuable exposure to the coveted gaming demographic through your team. However securing strong sponsor deals requires knowing how to pitch and prove value.

Read on for a detailed guide on attracting and retaining sponsorships to give your esports organization stability and grow your pro gaming presence.

7 Steps to Secure Sponsors for Your Esports Team

Build Your Brand Identity and Following

Before approaching sponsors, you need to establish your esports team as a brand fans can identify with and follow. Choose a memorable name, design an eye-catching logo, and craft branding that conveys your organization’s personality and story. Implement this visual identity across social media, content, and apparel.

Next, start generating buzz and growing an online fanbase around your team through streams, social posts, and community engagement. Post updates and behind-the-scenes videos to give fans an inside look. The more people who actively follow and support your team, the greater value you offer sponsors.

Research Brand Partnerships That Align With Your Image

Do in-depth research to identify brand sponsors whose image, target demographics, and partnership goals align with your team’s identity and values. This creates natural sponsorship pairings that make sense rather than forced endorsements that could diminish your credibility.

Think about brands your fans already use and would get excited about. A computer company sponsoring an esports organization is a natural fit, while a fast food chain may seem more disjointed. Seek brands that complement your space rather than random sponsors chasing gaming impressions.

Research Brand Partnerships That Align With Your Image

Craft A Sponsorship Proposal Highlighting Value

Create a polished sponsorship proposal deck with details on your team, brand, target audience, and content strategy. Include supporter and social media stats that indicate your audience reach and engagement. Outline proposed promotional content and activation opportunities like branded streams, social posts, equipment, and experiential events.

Emphasize how the partnership will benefit the sponsor through direct access to your highly valued niche gaming audience and fans. Provide packaged options at different sponsorship tiers and be flexible working with brands on tailoring deals.

Network and Connect With Brand Decision-makers

Finding the right contact at a company and getting your proposal directly into their hands is key. Attend esports industry events and conferences to network with brands interested in the space. Connect with past sponsors of other teams and ask for introductions. Reaching the person at a brand who can greenlight a sponsorship deal is critical.

Promote Your Relevant Accomplishments and Merits

Highlighting your team’s recent competitive successes, content viewership, and fan growth makes you stand out as an investment brand want to partner with at the forefront of esports. Provide data-driven proof of your quality reach and engagement. Promote player and coach stats as well. Establish your authority.

Overdeliver on Sponsorship Agreements

Go above and beyond fulfilling the letter of each agreement to keep sponsors happy. Find added value integrations and promotion opportunities that exceed expectations rather than just doing the minimum required. Strong partnerships are built on trust and seeing that you will proactively look out for sponsors’ interests.

Overdeliver on Sponsorship Agreements

Retaining Long-Term Sponsors

Renewing deals with existing sponsors is just as crucial as signing new brands. Make sure you have open communication channels providing performance metrics and updates demonstrating the value sponsors gain. Solve any issues immediately and maximize their exposure. Loyal sponsors who repeatedly partner with your team lend major credibility that attracts even more brands.


Securing quality brand sponsorships is essential for esports teams to fund growth and operate sustainably. From researching alignment to overdelivering on deals, there are strategic steps organizations must take to build these vital partnerships. Leverage your niche audience reach and make the value clear to potential sponsors. With the right sponsor deals, your esports team gains the stability to thrive and ascend within the competitive gaming scene.

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