Up-and-Coming Esports Games to Keep an Eye on in 2024-2025

The esports scene continues to grow at a rapid pace. Alongside mainstay titles like League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, new games are vying to become the next big esports. Here are some of the most promising up-and-coming esports games to watch closely in 2024 and 2025.

Few Up-and-Coming Esports Games Are

Up-and-Coming Esports Games


This crossover fighting game brings together iconic characters from many Warner Bros. franchises like Batman, Shaggy, Bugs Bunny, and the Iron Giant. With its chaotic 2 vs. 2 formats, high skill cap, and leveraging of beloved IP, Multiversus has major esports potential.

Key Factors:

  • Huge built-in audience from popular characters
  • Unique team battle mechanics
  • Strong viewership and streaming numbers so far
  • Developer support for competitive play

Multiverses check all the boxes for a platform fighter ready to make esports inroads starting in 2024.


Riot Games’ tactical 5v5 FPS combines elements of Counter-Strike and Overwatch. It has quickly become one of the most played esports shooters just a couple of years after launch. 2024 is primed to be a breakout year.

Key Factors:

  • Thriving pro league system in all major regions
  • Key demographics like 18-24-year-olds engaged
  • Riot’s expertise in running League of Legends esports
  • Skill ceiling allows great individual plays

With its polished format and huge built-in audience, Valorant is set to join the top tier of esports in 2024.

Up-and-Coming Esports Games

Fall Guys

This zany battle royale party game became a streaming and TikTok sensation shortly after its 2020 release. Developer Mediatonic is ramping up efforts to turn Fall Guys into a competitive sport with tournaments and spectator tools.

Key Factors:

  • A unique take on battle royale with mass participation
  • Viral popularity and recognizable brand
  • Goofy, lighthearted appeal contrasting other esports
  • Events involving fan-favorite streamers

Fall Guy’s mania may breathe new life into the battle royale genre in esports starting in 2024.


Nintendo’s colorful ink-based online shooter has a passionate fanbase. Though Nintendo has resisted esports in the past, competitions are heating up in Splatoon 3. It offers family-friendly competition perfect for all-ages live events.

Key Factors:

  • Strong sales and reviews for Splatoon 3
  • Nintendo promoting tournaments for the first time
  • Distinct squid-kid characters and game mechanics
  • Attractive spectacle with bright ink and fashion

2024 may be the year Nintendo finally dips its toes deeper into esports with Splatoon.

Up-and-Coming Esports Games

Slippi/Smash Bros Melee

Slippi is a mod that enhances online play for 2001’s Super Smash Bros Melee. It has reignited the scene for one of the all-time best competitive fighting games. Grassroots Melee tournaments could get a viewership spark.

Key Factors:

  • Dedicated community preservation efforts
  • New Slippi online play breathed life into the scene
  • The game retains a high skill ceiling that rewards veterans
  • Passionate fan campaigns for recognition

Don’t count out this enduring 20-year-old game from making esports waves in 2024 powered by its cult-like fanbase.

Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League’s mobile iteration brings high-flying car soccer battles to phones and tablets. The intuitive controls and short session times make it perfect for on-the-go esports play. Developer Psyonix is hosting global tournaments.

Key Factors:

  • Massive Rocket League player base to draw in
  • Lower barriers to entry with mobile accessibility
  • A creative take on sports for mobile esports
  • Savvy developer with esports experience

Riding Rocket League’s coattails, Sideswipe could be raced to mobile esports prominence in 2024 and beyond.


After taking time off, EA announced a return to large-scale multiplayer battles with Battlefield 2043. If the game recaptures past greatness, its enormous maps, land/air vehicles, and destructible environments provide tools for intense competitive matches.

Key Factors:

  • Pedigree as an iconic multiplayer FPS franchise
  • Next-gen graphics and sound design
  • Major publisher investment in esports
  • Options for creative high-skill plays

Battlefield laid some of the groundwork for FPS esports – the 2024 title will show if the series still has potential.


Each new annual FIFA release brings incremental improvements to solidify soccer as one of esports’ staples. But FIFA 23 promises a ground-up overhaul of technical gameplay to reward skill. This could kick the series up another competitive notch.

Key Factors:

  • FIFA enjoys a broad global appeal
  • Real-world soccer stars and teams pull fans
  • complete gameplay revamp to enable creativity
  • Established a competitive scene to build on

With its strong foundation and extensive improvements, FIFA 23 looks to score further esports success starting next year.


Gaming and esports move incredibly fast, with hot new titles rising to prominence each year. Alongside firmly entrenched juggernauts like League of Legends and CS: GO, these upstarts demonstrate the industry’s continued growth. The next huge esports could be one match, tournament, or Twitch clip away from igniting a new phenomenon in 2024 or 2025. Stay tuned!


What genres tend to produce the most popular and competitive esports titles?

Currently, multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA), first-person shooters (FPS), fighting games, and sports games dominate esports. Certain mechanics lend themselves well to competition.

How important is support from the game’s developer to its chances of succeeding as an esport?

Extremely important. Devs hosting tournaments, patching for balance, and adding spectator tools give a game the infrastructure to thrive. Lack of support can kill games with potential.

What are some failed attempts by developers to push games as esports that never took off?

Some games unsuccessfully positioned as esports include Artifact, Crucible, Lawbreakers, Brink, Secret Ponchos, Dawngate, Paragon, Battleborn, and Hyper Scape.

What role do content creators and influencers play in determining which new games break out in esports?

Influencers trying out and streaming new competitive games early generate visibility and hype essential to getting nascent scenes off the ground. Their promotion is hugely influential.

How has the rise of streaming on platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming impacted esports?

Streaming has helped esports massively by allowing fans to follow personalities and competitions. It has made gaming entertainment more social and accelerated esports’ popularity.

Why are battle royale games like Fortnite and Apex Legends not as prominent in esports compared to other genres?

RNG, massive lobbies, and lack of team vs. team play make battle royale esports viewership more challenging. But exciting formats can still emerge with the right tweaks.

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